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Name: Will Carter

Origin: Narrangdhuray (Narrandera), NSW AUSTRALIA

People/clan: Wiradjuri

Mediums: canvas/linen, wood (artefacts), natural (bone, feathers etc.) and education resources

Bio: Ngadhi (my) artwork begins with ngadhi ngurrbul (love) for Wiradjuri ngurambang (country) and every part of it. As a boy, ngadhu (I) spent much time on ngurambang learning about my culture and connecting with ngurambang. Ngadhu was taught about the balugan-bu (animals), bush dhangaang (food), how to find artefacts and learnt stories passed down by ngadhi ancestors. Moving away from Wiradjuri ngurambang as an eighteen year old, ngadhu began to miss the connection to ngadhi ngurambang which influenced ngadhi desire to create artwork inspired by Wiradjuri garray-bu (land), buyaa-bu (lore) and mayiny-bu (people). Each artwork that ngadhu produce holds significant meaning ngadhi-gu (to me) and yindyamarra-bu-dhuray (deep respect for) Wiradjuri.”

“Over the past 10 years, I have been involved in many great designs projects for peak community organisations, government and community groups. I have been involved in a number of exhibitions and won three awards for my didgeridoos and paintings. I am focused on further developing as an artist and holding dual exhibitions with other established artists.”



Name: Uncle Michael Lyons

Origin: Narrangdhuray (Narrandera), NSW AUSTRALIA

People/clan: Wiradjuri

Mediums: wood (artefacts)

Bio: Narrandera’s Michael Lyons, a Wiradjuri Elder, is known world wide for his Traditional Style Wiradjuri Artefacts. Locally the knowledge Michael learnt at the hands of his father and grandfather he now passed along as a Presenter of Wiradjuri Cultural Days to Local Schools, community groups and helping young Koori kids sort out their lives.
Along with his hand crafted Wiradjuri Artefacts, specialising in tuned, playable termite hollowed Mallee didgeridoos. Michael is able to provide corporate quantities or single items for most of his products.

Michael offers both beginners and professionals alike custom made didgeridoos, your choice of key, your choice of decoration—either one of Michael’s own designs or your own custom design even your name or your bands name can be included or should you prefer it a clear coated clean skin.

Not just limited to didgeridoos Michael also produces a range of Wiradjuri artefacts including boomerangs coolamons, woomeras, hook boomerangs, hunting boomerangs, emu callers, clapsticks, bullroarers, nulla nullas, digging sticks, spears and shields. Not forgetting carved emu eggs as well as hand carved burls and paintings.

In April 2013 Michael was invited to participate in the Niort Tourism Festival in Niort France to talk about and demonstrate Wiradjuri culture. Michael was accompanied by son Michael Jnr., youngest son Barry and grandson Nathan Smith. The presentation included artwork, bush tucker, storytelling, artefacts and playing the didgeridoo. The festival ran for nine days.

Mid 2016 Michael received a custom boomerang order from China Eastern Airlines for the design and supply of 150 boomerangs to commemorate the China Australia connection over the last 20 years.


Name: Lorraine Williams

Origin: Narrangdhuray (Narrandera), NSW AUSTRALIA

People/clan: Wiradjuri

Medium: canvas


Lorraine Williams was born in Narrandera and her tribe is Wiradjuri – her totem is the Goanna (lizard).

Lorraine’s work complements traditional methods of storytelling with contemporary colours and techniques.  She particularly likes to express the way she paints using bright colours.

Lorraine has grown up around her family and Elders.  She is painting the stories that the Elders have taught and showed her.  Most of Lorraine’s art reflects these stories passed down to her of days on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River where the Elders showed the young people the traditional ways.


Name: Wesley Morgan

Origin: Narrangdhuray (Narrandera), NSW AUSTRALIA

People/clan: Wiradjuri

Mediums: canvas, wood (artefacts)

Bio: Wes Morgan is an award winning recognised Aboriginal artist from Narrandera in New South Wales Australia. He has held exhibitions in Wagga Wagga and been part of numerous group exhibitions. Wes specialises in making artifacts and creating beautiful paintings. He has been creating art professionally for more than 10 years and he has sold his works to people from all over the world.